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DJs Say...

"Thanks for all the help. We ran our first show with Karaoki, SongbookDB running with auto requests, and using the Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription. Seems like it is going to be great!"

Excesss Karaoke Digital (DJ code: EXCESS) - Columbus Ohio, USA - 6 December, 2014

"Wanted to let you know that we have been looking for the best online song book that we can get and we have found it! You have done a great job and had to give you the acknowledgement! Our first use with it has proven to be an outstanding way for us to better our shows. Thanks for all your work!"

New Vision Karaoke (DJ code: NWVIS) - Atlanta, USA - 24 October, 2014

"Your dedication to this project continues to blow my mind, Shaun."

Karaoke by Dan Dan (DJ code: DANDAN) - Arizona, USA - 2 September, 2014

"You have a winning app! Cheers!"

Moonlight Karaoke (DJ code: GFP31) - Pennsylvania, USA - 25 August, 2014

"I just wanted to say, I set up the laptop kiosk version of the app at my show last night and the response was amazing! It really worked well. I had so many requests from people who just wanted to try it out that I couldn't get through all my rotation before the night ended! Plus I think it's very cool that you take the suggestions of your users to heart and incorporate them into upgrades. Makes me feel like part of a team on a great project. Keep up the good work!"

VIP Karaoke (DJ code: VIPDJK) - Milford, USA - 17 August, 2014

"Awesome app! I've been using songbookDB for a while now. It's evolved and continues to evolve. Updating is easy and support is great. Very quick response to issues. Can't wait for more enhancements to this app."

Up Next Karaoke (DJ code: UPNEXT) - Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 30 June, 2014

"I'm very excited about using this great tool! Thank you so much."

DjVicTiz (DJ code: VICTIZ) - Rio Rico, Arizona, USA - 21 February, 2014

"I've been looking for a decent site to host my kj books. Songbookdb is the best site by far! It even helps to promote my venues. The 30 day trial will prove how valuable this tool is! Thx for a great hosting site!!"

Krazy Rayz Karaoke (DJ code: GFPE9) - Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA - 27 March, 2014

"The android app is great - makes it easier for some of my guests to use the best bit of software I've had for years - fantastic."

Oldhouse Karaoke (DJ code: DAVID) - Stoke-On-Trent, UK - 31 January, 2014

"Thanks for all your hard work and rest assure I'm spreading the word in the UK for you. I've got loads of people using it now and I can't speak highly enough about the product and you yourself with your after sales service and assistance. Keep up the great work mate."

4Play Karaoke (DJ code: GFP58) - Colchester, UK - 7 January, 2014

"Thank you and thanks for a great app xx"

Cheryl Scott Experience (DJ code: GFPT9) - Kilmarnock, UK - 28 December, 2013

"Thank you for the quick responses to my inquiries! I posted the link to SongbookDB on my Facebook account and my singers started using it immediately, and are loving it even before my first show! I love this thing."

Howling Good Entertainment (DJ code: HOWL1) - Baltimore, USA - 22 December, 2013

"My people are going nuts over this software. Great job mate!!!!"

Avery Kyle Entertainment (DJ code: AVERY) - Parker, Aurora, Denver, USA - 9 November, 2013

"So far so good, seems amazing, great work nice service, thanks."

DJClay (DJ code: GFP5T) - Santa Cruz, USA - 22 October, 2013

"They (the singers) really like it. Thinking of using an old laptop as a kiosk as you show in your tutorial for those that do not have a smart phone. It's going to be fun making the transition. Looking forward to NEVER having a book again!" (Oct 31: "Up and running. It's awesome and the kids love it over here. Thanks again mate for your help.")

Crazy Tonys Karaoke (DJ code: CRAZY) - Colorado Springs, USA - 20 October, 2013

"Your program is a God send to people who run karaoke like myself. My customers absolutely love it too, so thank you from them as well."

4Play Karaoke (DJ code: GFP58) - Colchester, UK - 6 October, 2013

"MoonGlow Fans Love SongbookDB and The Ease at which it works!!!"

MoonGlow Entertainment (DJ code: GFPQU) - Roseville, Detroit, USA - 26 July, 2013

"Just wanted to let you know the newest update is awesome. Even when I'm not out doing events I am always doing something with my music database and such. With this update I believe I will be on here perfecting my stuff more than ever."

Rite Note Music (DJ code: GFP3I) - Rockford Illinois, USA - 16 July, 2013

"I have been using SongbookDB for about 3 weeks now. The software is great and very easy to use. I had an issue with a login earlier today and it was handled in about an hour. Most software companies can take days to get back when there was an issue. I love the program and look to great things."

Cameron Entertainment (DJ code: GFP32) - Pittsburgh, USA - 2 July, 2013

"You've done a grand job with this software, It's definitely a winner!!"

DJ Jamie (DJ code: JAMIE) - Palm Beach, Florida, USA - 25 June, 2013

"Revolutionised the way out patrons view our song lists. Great customer service too!!"

Billy Goat Karaoke (DJ code: BILLY) - Sydney, Australia - 20 June, 2013

" LOVE LOVE LOVE this program!!!!!! Doing a dry run with some beta testers tonight and it's running so smooth. You're awesome, and so is this program. Many thanks!!!"

DJ Steadyrockin' Karaoke (DJ code: GFPQI) - Lexington Park, Maryland, USA - 11 May, 2013

"Did a big karaoke contest Sat, 60 singers, and SongbookDB worked like a charm,"NO BOOKS YEA" thanks for all your hard work"

Hambone's Karaoke (DJ code: GFPFT) - Longview, Texas, USA - 8 May, 2013

"We have been using Songbookdb for several months now and it has completely replaced printed books and slips 100%. The younger crowd loves that we are keeping up with the technological times, end even the older crowds after helping them one time are placing their own requests with no questions. We use 2 very old laptops to offer the kiosk mode for those without smartphones, and the singers will even help the newbies add their first song requests. This has taken our company to a new level of professionalism and is as invaluable a part of our day to day operations as the hosting software itself."

Bill Forrest, Paradigm Karaoke & DJ Services (DJ code: PARA1) - Phoenix, Arizona - 29 April, 2013

"SongbookDB has been a godsend for me and my karaoke company. We expanded from 6 to over 13 shows within a few months. The program has helped save me a ton of money on songbooks, singers have embraced the online requests, and the groups of people standing around our hosts have dwindled since we started.

SongbookDB is hands down the best online karaoke songbook program available today!"

John Wells, By Request Karaoke (DJ code: GFPQG) - Austin, Texas, USA - 28 April, 2013

"A 5 star solution.
A great way to maintain your songbooks, no more costly printing songbooks only to find one month later that you are having to print new pages to tag into the back. I have about 17,400 songs all listed in the SongbookDB database, I used to limit my printed books to 10,000 due to the size of the books. As more people get these internet capable phones it makes the whole process easier for the singers too as they don't have to wait around for someone else to finish studying the songbook.
For those singers that don't have their own internet capable phones there is the kiosk version available for them."

Roy's Karaoke (DJ code: ROYBOY) - Kent, England - 27 April, 2013

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