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Ads Manager


SongbookDB displays third party advertising, to help keep the costs to subscribing DJs/KJs down nice and low.

You can upload a clickable image ad of your own.


Adding Your Ad:

First, click the ADS MANAGER button in the top menu. Your ad can be a .jpg, .gif, or .png format image. It MUST be 448 pixels wide by 160 pixels high. Click the SELECT AD IMAGE button to browse to and select your ad - it will then upload.

In order for your ad to display, you will need to turn the switch ON, then click out of the ADS MANAGER (click any other menu button) for the ad to activate. Do the same if you want to make your ad clickable by adding a website address (add address, then click out of the ADS manager).

If you see this pay no attention to it or the following 4 that all end in _i
Second field for office processing