Here a some pre-made graphics you can download to help you promote your song book on posters, TV splash screens, business cards, karaoke slips etc). NOTE: if you ever change your DJ code, you will need to come here and recreate your graphics, so that they include your new code.

1. QR Code to get the Android app

Display this QR code at your gigs so users can easily get the Android version of SongbookDB (or they can hit the Android icon on the web-app home page):

Click to download QR code

2. Make QR code that opens your book

Enter your song book code & hit 'QR':

This QR code is unique to your song book - when someone scans it, it opens your SongbookDB song book (web-app only for now).

3. Song book insert page

Add one of these to each of your hard copy song books.

Enter your song book code and choose a size to generate and download your page, complete with your QR and book codes: