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Plugin for PCDJ™ Karaoki
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What is SongbookDB?


SongbookDB lets singers browse and search a karaoke show's songs on their phones, and, if the show allows it, let's singers send song requests to the DJ.

SongbookDB is made up of several different apps...

Here they are again, including what platforms they are supported on (check out the left menu to find out more about each of them)...


Mobile app the public use to browse a DJ's song list, and send song requests (if the DJ allows).
iOS android webapp

SongbookDB Pal

Desktop app DJs use to create, edit and upload their song lists, gigs and venues, and receive song requests.

SongbookDB Karaoke Requests Hoster

Mobile app DJs use to receive song requests.
iOS android webapp

SongbookDB Plugin
for PCDJ™ Karaoki

Desktop plugin app DJs use to receive song requests in PCDJ's Karaoki hosting program.

SongbookDB Plugin
for MTU Hoster®

Desktop plugin app DJs use to receive song requests in MTU's Hoster® karaoke program.

Singers easily connect to the DJ's song book by either...

Not only does it put DJ song lists in the hands of anyone who has a phone, but it makes the karaoke experience fun, fast and interactive with extra features such as live song requesting (if the DJ choose to use this feature), ready to sing notifications, a Favs folder + more!

DJs register their free 30 day trial song book account (do this here), and use the desktop app SongbookDB Pal (get it here) to create, edit, and upload their song lists, venues and gigs, plus receive song requests.

The DJ has complete control over the process, with the ability to switch song requesting on or off, alter their song book appearance and features, ban requesters, plus many more user friendly features:

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