Forgotten Password

There are three different types of logins throughout SongbookDB - please find the one below that you are having trouble logging into and follow the instructions further down the page.

  1. DJ Admin password: for DJs to log into the SongbookDB Pal desktop app song list editor, the DJ Admin Dashboard at, and setting up DJ subscription payments at
  2. Singers' App password: for singers to log into the SongbookDB mobile app to search song lists and send song requests
  3. DJ Requests apps password: for DJs to log into the SongbookDB request apps to receive requests (SongbookDB Pal's Requests screen,the PCDJ and MTU plugins, the Mobile Requests Hoster app) and the Kiosk app/webpage that allows singers to view the DJ's song list & send them song requests from a laptop or tablet

1. DJ Admin password

The Admin password you signed up with, used for logging into the following places:

To reset your DJ Admin password:

Click to reset your DJ Admin password

2. Singers' App password

DJs - please note: your Admin and Requests usernames and passwords DO NOT allow you to log into the app that singers use - to use the singers' app, you'll need to register a singer's account (just like a singer would) via the app's Login screen.

To reset your Singers' App password:

Click to reset your Singer's App password

3. DJ Requests apps password

Used by you and the DJs in your company to log into the following places:

  • SongbookDB Pal's Requests screen (for receiving song requests)
  • The PCDJ Karaoki plugin (for receiving song requests in PCDJ's Karaoki program)
  • The MTU Hoster plugin (for receiving song requests in MTU's Hoster program)
  • The Mobile Requests Hoster App (for receiving song requests on your phone)
  • The Kiosk (to allow singers to send you song requests from a public laptop or tablet you've set up at a show). DJs PLEASE REMEMBER: the username for your Kiosk login is your Requests username (found on the Account page of the DJ Dashboard) preceded by the work "kiosk" eg if your Requests username is "Billythekid", your Kiosk username is "kioskBillythekid"

To reset your Requests password (or username):

Please log into the Admin dashboard with your Admin username and password at and scroll down to the "Requests password" or "Requests username" sections to edit them.