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Set up an internet connected laptop or tablet as a kiosk for singers to search your song list and send you song requests.


The Kiosk will no longer work in Internet Explorer (IE is being phased out) - if you're an IE user, please use Microsoft's new browser, Microsoft Edge. The kiosk also works in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Here's how...

  1. in a browser on your laptop or tablet, open, or install and run the SongbookDB app on your tablet - iOS: | Android:
  2. Navigate to the Login (or Singer Sign In) screen and log in as follows: log in using your Requests (not Admin) username preceded by the word "kiosk". So if your requests username is usually johnskaraoke, log in with kioskjohnskaraoke, and then your normal requests password underneath.
  3. A venue selector will display, showing venues you have gigs set up for (in your Gig Guide). Select your current venue, and click the LOGIN button.

Your browser will now show the kiosk version of what singers would normally see (reduced functionality). When they send a Request, the normal 'Extra Names' field turns into a 'Your name' field, so they can identify themselves.

When requests are sent, the word 'kiosk' will appear in the first column in your Requests grid, and the singer's name will appear in the 'Extra Names' column.

Your kiosk can have up to 100 songs in the queue.



Tutorial Video

Prefer learning from a video? Please see the Kiosk Video.