SongbookDB DJ Dashboard Documentation

  1. Where is the SongbokDB DJ Dashboard?
  2. Overview
  3. Logging in to the DJ Dashboard
  4. Account Screen
  5. Billing & Subscription Screen
  6. Song Book Profile & Settings Screen
  7. Venues Screen
  8. Gigs Screen
  9. Tip the DJ PayPal Emails Screen
  10. Stats Screen
  11. Promotional Tools Screen



Where is the SongbokDB DJ Dashboard?

You can find it at or by clicking Account in the documentation menu.




The DJ Dashboard is where you can...

TIP: Use the top right Menu button to navigate around the dashboard.



Logging in to the DJ Dashboard

Open in a browser and log in with the Admin email and password you registered with. If you've forgotten your password, click on the "Forgotten your password? Click HERE to reset it." link below the login form.



Account Screen

The Account screen displays your show name, song book code, Admin username and password, Requests username and password, and your Kiosk username

The "Edit" buttons allow you to change your account details (note: your Kiosk username and password are determined by your Requests username and password).



Billing & Subscription Screen

The Billing & Subscription screen is where you can start, cancel or see the staus of your subscription.

To start a subscription:

Log into with your Admin username and password, choose the Subscription option in the left menu, then select your desired subsription. NOTE: you don't need to have a PayPal account in order to set up a subscription.

To cancel a subscription:

If you have a PayPal account, simply log into it and cancel the SongbookDB recurring payment. If your subscription is paid annually, please then contact Support so a pro rata refund for the remaining time in your billing cycle can be given. No refunds are given for monthly users, but you will still have full use of your account until the end of your monthly billing cycle.

If you don't have a PayPal acocunt, please contact Support (use the top menu) to ask for an account cancellation.



Song Book Profile & Settings Screen

The Song Book Profile & Settings screen is where you can...



Venues Screen

This is where you enter new venues and view your current venues.

TIP: You must enter at least one venue before you can start entering gigs.

To Add a New Venue:

Click the "+ Add New Venue" button and enter your venue name - the system will check to see if it's already in our database. If it is, click it to add it to your venue list. If it's not, click the "Create New Venue" button and fill out the venue details in the form that appears (click the "Save Venue" button once you're done).

To Delete a Venue:

Click the "X" button in the "Delete" column of the venue you wish to delete.

TIP: Venues in your list can't be edited (as other DJs might also be using this particular venue entry). If you want to change a venue's details, first delete it from your list, then click the "+ Add New Venue" and fill it out as a brand new venue with the details your want to appear.



Gigs Screen

This is where you enter new gigs, and view and edit your current gigs.

To Add a New Gig:

To Edit a Gig:

To Delete a Gig:

Click the "X" button in the "Delete" column of the gig you wish to delete.



Tip the DJ PayPal Emails Screen

This is where you can delete any PayPal account emails that you've set up when greating gigs on the Gigs Screen (you create new PayPal account emails when entering or editing a gig on the Gigs Screen).



Stats Screen

This is where you can see stats for song searches that are being carried out at your gigs or for the worldwide SongbookDB network.

To View Stats:

TIP: due to privacy issues we do not display singers' email addresses in stats.



Promotional Tools Screen

This is where you can create some basic promotional tools to help singers get to your song book. You can...