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Business Details


This section covers adding your logo, phone, website, and Paypal address (for Tip the DJ) details.

After you finish editing your details, click any button on Pal's main menu to exit the Business Details screen and save your changes.


Adding Your Logo:

You can add a .jpg, .gif, or .png format image as your logo. It MUST be 496 pixels wide by 240 pixels high. Click the BROWSE button in the LOGO section to browse to and upload your logo.


Adding Your Paypal address (for Tip the DJ):

If you choose to participate in Tip the DJ (see the side menu for more info), enter your paypal address here and flick the switch to ON


Adding Your Website and Phone Number:

Adding a valid website address will display it as a clickable link on your song book, and also make any logo you add clickable through to the website address.

Your phone number will also appear if you enter it.


Facebook Button:

By default, the Facebook button is switched on, and links through to the SongbookDB Facebook page.

You can make it link to your Facebook page by adding your own Facebook url here, or hide the Facebook button altogether by clicking the ON/OFF switch to OFF.

If you see this pay no attention to it or the following 4 that all end in _i
Second field for office processing