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Gigs and Venues


Click the Gigs & Venues button in Pal's top menu to open the Gig Guide and Venue Editor...

gig guide 1


In order for the public to view your songs, or send you song requests, you must have gigs entered in your Gig Guide.

If you don't have any gigs, but want people to be able to view your songs anyway, simply set up a fake gig. Since you'll only have one gig in your gig guide, they'll be shown the songs for that gig by default - they won't be presented with a drop down menu to choose from.


Step 1 - Set Up Your Venues:

Creating and editing venues is no longer done in Pal. To add a venue:

- log out of Pal
- open a browser, and log into the SongbookDB dashboard at https://www.songbookdb.com/dashboard (use your SongbookDB admin email and password)
- select Your Venues from the top right menu
- click the "+ Add New Venue" button and follow the instructions
- once you've added your venues, log out (via the top right Menu)
- log back into Pal, and your new venue/s will appear in the Your Venues box (see example below), ready for you to set up your gigs in the next step...

gig guide 4



Step 2 - Set Up Your Gigs:

1. In YOUR VENUES, click the venue you want to add a gig to. The GIG EDITOR will appear...

gig guide 6


Click the blue calendar to choose the date for your gig. If this is a recurring gig, this date will represent the first gig.

Choose how often the gig occurs. Your choices are WEEKLY, EVERY 2 WEEKS, EVERY 3 WEEKS, EVERY 4 WEEKS, MONTHLY, or ONE OFF GIG.

Select the start time, and duration.

Select which Rig this gig will relate to (see the Rigs section in this manual)

Add any extra info eg "$10 Steak night - yeah baby!!!!"

Click ADD GIG. Your gig will appear in the gig guide list at the top of the window. All this info will also appear in the SongbookDB Gig Guide for the public to view on their phones.


Editing or Deleting Gigs:

To delete a gig, simply click the X symbol under the delete column for that gig.

To edit a gig, click it in the top gig list - it will appear underneath in the GIG EDITOR for your to edit. Click the Update Gig button once you are done.

If you see this pay no attention to it or the following 4 that all end in _i
Second field for office processing