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SongbookDB Pal Download & Installation




Installer URL:

If you haven't already installed SongbookDB Pal, here's the installer (see Installation Troubleshooting below if you have any issues):



If you registered as a PCDJ™ Karaoki or MTU Hoster® user, also download the plugin software you will receive requests on (all other users skip this step):

Installation Troubleshooting:

If you get any kind of installation error when installing Pal, please do the following:


Installing on more than one computer:

You can install Pal on as many computers as you like - it doesn't need a serial number and there is no extra fee required

NOTE: there is no need to copy your song list file (.sbdb file that is created when you start a new song list) to all your computers - just keep it on or copy it to the computer you wish to edit your song list on.

Watch the 'How to' videos here:


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