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SongbookDB Pal Login Screen

Two Logins

We have two separate logins for DJs - one for Admin, and one for receiving Requests, because businesses that employ djs typically do not want their djs having access to Admin features, but do want them to have access to the Requests features.


If you ever forget your Admin password, or Requests username or password, reset them as follows:

ADMIN Password Reset:

- open SongbookDB Pal - in the Login screen, click the light green "Forgotten your ADMIN password? >>> CLICK HERE" link. Follow the instructions, and a password reset link will be sent to your email. Click it, and follow some more instructions to enter your new pass.

REQUESTS Password or Username Reset:

- log into SongbookDB Pal ADMIN - click the "Edit REQUESTS Login Details" button that appears near the bottom right of the LOGIN window - follow the instructions to reset either your Requests password or username


Log into Admin to set up, edit, or upload your song lists, venues, gigs, and business details.

If you forget your Admin password, click "Forgotten your ADMIN password? >>> CLICK HERE" on the left of the Login button to reset it.


Log into Requests to receive requests.

Use the Requests log in details you set up when you registered to log into Requests.

All DJs logging into your rigs use the same user name and password. When they connect, they will be presented with a venue selector which logs them into the Requests rig you've set up for that gig/venue (see the Gigs & Venues section for details on how to set up your gigs, venues, and rigs).

If you forget your Requests password or username, click the "Edit Requests Login Details" button in the bottom right of the Login screen to reset either.


Auto Login

Tick the Auto-Login check box, and SongbookDB Pal will keep you logged in for up to two weeks without any activity. The Auto-Login does this with both the Admin and Requests logins.



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