SongbookDB PCDJ™ Karaoki Plugin Documentation

  1. Overview
  2. What You Need First
  3. Tutorial Video




The plugin allows PCDJ™ Karaoki to connect to and receive song requests from the SongbookDB network. You can then automatically or manually load song requests into singer folders in PCDJ™ Karaoki.



What You Need First

  1. PCDJ™ Karaoki -
  2. A PCDJ™ SongbookDB account - click here to register your 30 day free trial (no credit card required up front). NOTE: if you already have a non-PCDJ™ SongbookDB account, contact us so we can change your account to a PCDJ™ one (may include a price increase depending on your current account - see Pricing)
  3. If you haven't already installed SongbookDB Pal (the desktop app that you create and edit your song lists on), please follow the download and installation instructions at:
  4. Download and install the plugin by following the instructions here:

You get to try Requests out free for 30 days when you register your song book account. After that, invest in a paid account to continue to receive Requests (see Pricing in the left hand menu)




Tutorial Video

Now please watch this video, as the song import process is very different for PCDJ™ Karaoki users:

00:00 - Intro
01:10 - Overview - How the plugin and Karaoki work together.
02:02 - Registration and Installation
04:12 - Getting your songs from Karaoki into SongbookDB
06:10 - Connecting Karaoki to the plugin
08:13 - Plugin Features - a quick tour
09:13 - Logging in to the plugin
10:03 - Receiving Requests
11:32 - Auto-Add
12:28 - What happens when singers cancel requests?
13:32 - Banning singers
14:40 - Buzz