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The number one support request we get from DJs is that SongbookDB isn't accepting their username or password. 99% of the time, this is because they are attempting to use their SongbookDB Admin login (what they registered with) to sign into the singers' app, mistakenly thinking that the singers' app is where they set up their song book, gigs etc. Your SongbookDB Admin login is ONLY for logging into SongbookDB Pal (download below), or the Dashboard at https://www.songbookdb.com/dashboard

If you'd like a singer's account so you can test sending yourself requests, simply register one (or click the Facebook sign in button) on the login screen on the singers' app, the same way any singer would.

Steps to get up and running...

1: Download and install the software:

Follow the download and installation guide here: https://www.songbookdb.com/docs/djs/songbookdbpal/installation

2: Watch the Step by Step Videos:

ALL DJS: please watch the main Quick Start video: https://www.songbookdb.com/docs/djs/tutorialVideos/#quickstart - when we get support requests, it's obvious which DJs have not watched the video. It will answer all your questions, I promise, but feel free to hit up SongbookDB support if you have any questions after watching the video

PCDJ™ Karaoki or MTU Hoster® users: the song import process is different for you guys, so you must ALSO watch the video guide below (choose the one you registered for):

PCDJ™ Karaoki plugin setup: https://youtu.be/6ZDf5WjbggM

MTU Hoster® plugin setup: https://youtu.be/xq_OvLGFUR8

3: How singers get the app and connect:

Tell your singers to search for SongbookDB on the iOS or Googleplay app stores, or to enter songbookdb.com on their phone's browser to use the web-app version

Singers connect to your book by entering the 5-6 character DJ code you were given when you activated your account (or with a QR code - see next sentence), so be sure to have your DJ code on your show posters, business cards, TV splash screens, karaoke slips etc. You can find and change this code via https://www.songbookdb.com/dashboard

To make it easy for you to promote your song book, we have created some pre-made graphics including a QR code unique to your song book - you can get them anytime at the Promotional Tools page at https://www.songbookdb.com/promote

4: Admin Dashboard:

This is where you control your account, add gigs, venues, edit your songbook display, see your singer and song book stats, get suppport messages etc. Log in (use the same email and password you use to log into SongbookDB Pal's Admin) at https://www.songbookdb.com/dashboard (you can also get to it via the "SETTINGS DASHBOARD" button or "ADMIN DASHBOARD" button in SongbookDB Pal - the desktop app used for creating and uploading your song lists)

5: Questions??? Contact us:

Contact us if you have any questions or problems.


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