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Forgotten Passwords

Please be sure to select the correct password reset instructions from those below:

DJ ADMIN Password Reset:

For resetting the password DJs use for logging into Admin features in the SongbookDB Pal desktop app, their Subscription, or their Stats:

- open SongbookDB Pal - in the Login screen, click the light green "Forgotten your ADMIN password? >>> CLICK HERE" link. Follow the instructions, and a password reset link will be sent to your email (be sure to check your email account's junk or spam folder if it doesn't arrive). Click it, and follow some more instructions to enter your new password.

DJ REQUESTS Password or Username Reset:

For resetting the password or username DJs use for logging in to receive Requests in any of our requests apps:

- log into SongbookDB Pal ADMIN
- click the "Edit REQUESTS Login Details" button that appears near the bottom right of the LOGIN window
- follow the instructions to reset either your Requests password or username

SINGER password reset:

For singers to reset their password:

- on the app home screen, click the Public Login button - it takes you to the login screen
- at the bottom of the screen, click the "Forgotten your password? Click HERE to reset it" link - it takes you to https://www.songbookdb.com/account/reset_pass/public/
- follow the instructions there - a password reset link for you to click should be sent to your email address (please check your spam/junk folder if it doesn't appear)
- click the link in that email
- enter your new password on the page that opens





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