SongbookDB Mobile Requests Hoster App Documentation

  1. Overview
  2. Tutorial Video
  3. Where to Get the Mobile Requests Hoster App
  4. Quick Start
  5. Logging In to the Mobile Requests Hoster App
  6. Inbox Tab
  7. Rotation Tab
  8. Playlist Tab
  9. Menu Tab




The Mobile Requests Hoster App lets you receive song requests on your mobile device.

It has all the cool features of the desktop Requests Hoster in Pal eg Shout Out, Buzz etc, but comes with some cool features of it's own...



Mobile Requests Hoster App Tutorial Video

Prefer learning from a video? See the Requests Hoster App Tutorial Video.



Where to Get the Mobile Requests Hoster App

The Mobile Requests Hoster App is available as an iOS or Android app, or as a web-app version for non iPhone/Android users:

iOS - search "SongbookDB" on the iOS app store and choose and install "SongbookDB Requests Hoster" or click here to get the iOS version

android - search "SongbookDB" on the Google Play app store and choose and install "SongbookDB Host App for the DJ" or click here to get the Android version

webapp - click here to get to the web-app version of the Mobile Requests Hoster:

You can try Requests out free for 30 days when you register for your SongbookDB account. After that, you will need to invest in a paid account to continue to receive Requests (see Pricing in the top menu)



Quick Start

  1. if you don't already have a SongbookDB DJ account, sign up for one HERE (free 30 day trial).
  2. use SongbookDB Pal (our free desktop app you get when you register) to create and upload your song list, and the DJ Admin Dashboard to set up your gigs and venues.
  3. log into the Requests app - your singer's now see 'SING' buttons next to each song, and can send you requests - each request includes their name, their song and artist, + they can also include their pitch/key & disc version preferences, extra singer names, and note to you about any special requirements.

When requests arrive, the app's INBOX tab flashes. You can then click to add the request to an existing singer folder (Rotation screen), or create a new one.

Songs appears on the Playlist screen according to the order of the folders in your Rotation, which you have complete control over.

At the top of the screen, just under the menu buttons, there is a status light display.



Logging in to the Mobile Requests Hoster App



Inbox Tab

The Inbox is where incoming requests or cancellations appear. From here, you can add requests to singer folders, delete requests, and accept cancellations.

When something new arrives, the Inbox tab flashes to alert you.

At a minimum, requests contain the singer's name, + song title and artist. If extra info is included eg pitch/key, extra names, disc version etc, this info will appear too.

Singers see the status of each request in the Requests folder on their phones as follows - Pending (request on it's way, but hasn't reached your phone yet), DJ Received (request is in your Inbox, but you haven't taken any action yet), DJ Added (you've added their request to a singer folder).

Any requests you delete from the Inbox, Rotation or Playlist screens are deleted from the system and singers' phones.



Adding a request that came from the SongbookDB network:

  1. Click the ADD button next to the request.
  2. If you haven't created a singer folder to add this request to, a dialog will open to create one. It defaults to naming the folder the same as the singer, but you can choose to enter a different name, or add the reuqest to someone else's folder. You can also choose (for this session) to always add future requests for this singer to this folder when you hit ADD on their incoming requests, as opposed to having to create a new folder.

Adding a walk-up request from a paper slip:

This is done via the Rotation tab

Canceled requests:

When a singer cancels a request, it appears in the Inbox coloured orange, with the heading CANCELLED BY REQUESTER. Clicking OK will delete the request from the Inbox, Rotation and Playlist screens.



Rotation Tab

The Rotation screen holds all your singer folders, and allows you to expand each one to view the songs inside.